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Design & technologies.

The Numéricité Design & Technologies division is dedicated to the design, development and delivery numérique. A l’instar d’un studio de production, nous couvrons toutes les composantes nécessaires pour permettre la prise en charge de A à Z des produits de nos clients.

De la conception jusqu’au lancement en passant par le design des interfaces et le développement, le pôle Design & Technologies de Numéricité s’appuie sur une équipe complète d’experts : UX, UI, développeurs fullstack web & mobile, Ingénieurs, experts métier, experts ops, experts data, experts cybersécurité, experts blockchain.

general interest

The product, engine of our pleasure.

Motivated by the general interest, we prioritize stimulating projects on the human, intellectual and technological levels.


The strength of teamwork.

The spirit of companionship and sharing between experienced and junior profiles guarantees the high level of knowledge of our developers.


In principle co-creation mode.​

By establishing a transparent relationship and banishing technical jargon with our customers, we increase collective intelligence with our customers.

technology watch

A permanent techno watch and benchmark.

Aware of cutting-edge technologies as well as current R&D challenges, we anticipate the best software and technical mixes for our digital productions.


The choice of innovative technologies.

We will always prefer the most recent technologies as long as they are sustainable and transfer to our customers' teams is possible.


Efficiency, whatever the method.​

We are neutral and pragmatic about the technological choices at the start of each project, with performance and scalability as leitmotivs.


A state of mind rather than a methodology.​

Agility is for us a philosophy in the same way as openness and accessibility, much more than standards, fashions or postures.

user centric

Focus on user needs.​

Our goal is not computer prowess. We place the use, usefulness and appropriation of the product as the main criteria for measuring impact.


Flash interventions or long-term missions, we have carried out dozens of impactful projects, products and services.

Tools & technologies

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