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Legal intelligence & compliance

The Legal Intelligence & Compliance division advocates a 360° approach: our missions are articulated between the protection of privacy and the circulation of data. We intervene both at the scale of a project and at the scale of an organization and therefore offer an agile design of compliance. Being integrated upstream and as close as possible to the “project” teams allows us to co-construct compliant products and services from the design stage.

GDPR compliance

Promoting law as a vector of digital transformation

Law is an accelerator of digital transformation. Within Numéricité, our mission: to make your projects possible in full compliance! Concerned about respect for privacy, we reconcile the circulation of data and the protection of individuals.

public law / private law

Apply digital law with our public and private contacts

We work with actors from the public sphere as well as from the private sector. Being particularly called upon to support state start-ups, we constantly juggle between public and private law. Our agile and collaborative working method allows us to have a hybrid mastery of the law.


Empower and educate our partners and customers throughout their projects

The legal intelligence center promotes the simplicity of exchanges and deliverables so that they can be reused by everyone. In a logic of accountability and awareness, it is important to us to simplify the law and make it easily activatable.

Our 3-point approach

Depending on the clients and their problems, we are able to adopt 3 modes of action:

  • In product mode, to co-construct at source, compliance by supporting our customers over the long term, the time of the realization of a product for example, by integrating as soon as possible into the strategy and the design to build virtuous solutions (privacy by design), tailor-made, innovative and unique.


  • In compliance mission mode - at a time T - of what is visible (cookies, online forms, legal notices, privacy policy, CGU), but also of what concerns the internal processes of data collection and processing (minimization of data, drafting of files and registers of processing, carrying out impact analyses, setting up an internal procedure in the event of a data breach).


  • In transmission and legal acculturation mode. The idea here is to establish a culture of personal data protection among our clients (through training, awareness sessions, popularization methodological documents, etc.), so that at the end of our service all actors are able to freely benefit from their membership in a unique ecosystem for the enhancement of personal data.

As "worker-lawyers" and legal strategists, we are committed actors and attentive contributors to a subject that fascinates us.

The mysteries of law motivate us. Sometimes perceived as austere, restrictive and complex, we have the will to make the law a real tool to help take initiatives, a vector of simplification and a weapon of value creation for the public and for companies.

Our goal is to ensure and deliver compliant, fluid and legally aligned products.

Beyond the legal challenges we have to face, we are committed to ensuring that our modes of action, our methodology and our way of collaborating are a shared pleasure. We are convinced that the law is a facilitator and not a constraint or an obstacle.

As iconoclastic lawyers, without preconceptions and in love with their subject, we assume our approach, which is both rigorous and original to the texts - without taking ourselves seriously - to make legal design.


Promouvoir les mobilités durables en favorisant la réappropriation par les usagers de leurs données

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Tirer parti de la science des données pour renforcer les capacités des administrations fiscales et douanières de 4 pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest

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