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Did you say Numéricité?
Before being a collective of experts, Numéricité
- or rather "the" Numéricité - is an approach,
an original approach to the digital transition.

Numéricité in 100 words

Numéricité is a group of experts who support public and private actors to succeed in their digital transformation and who do everything to make this transition a pleasure
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We advise our customers and imagine, design, realize, secure, develop and promote with them products and services of excellence thanks to digital technology
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Our offer is organized around 3 areas of expertise that combine and enrich each other: coaching & consulting, design & technology and legal intelligence & compliance
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Impact and user benefit are our two priorities. These are the main indicators of success for our products and missions
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Vous avez dit (la) Numéricité ?

(Singular feminine noun) A computer term describing the character of anything digital.

When a group of individuals, an organization or a territory improves its "numéricité" (digitality)it means that it has positively engaged and is on the way to a successful digital transition.

Derived from the words numeric/digital, with the suffix -ity. -ité.

  • Numeric/digital
    covers both information and communication sciences and technologies (computing, electronics, telecommunications) which modify human and social activities.
  • Suffix -ity:
    indicates the “ability to”.

By extension :
creativ-ity, sagac-ity, capabil-ity, productiv-ity, frugal-ity, responsibil-ity, human-ity, etc.

Numéricité puts people, responsibility and impact at the heart of the digital transition and ensures that this transformation is also a pleasure.

Our founding principles

Create impact and be able to measure it

To ensure that impact is a reality throughout the projects we carry out, we know how to define, monitor and develop indicators to measure success.

Be open by nature and stay open

Open-source, open-content, open-minded, open-data, open innovation and open by design, we are always open to new challenges.

Keeping the gamer spirit

We play with conventions, preconceptions and (bad) habits. And we love to play as long as it makes the game efficient.

Dare to take shortcuts

For greater efficiency, we prefer to take the side roads, when long cycles allow. Putting ingenuity at the service of impact is our compass.

Cultivating a taste for the alternative

Adept at unconventionality, innovation and disruption, our goal is always to find the most efficient solution, i.e. the one that provides the best possible service to the end user.

Remain agile agilists

Agility is for us a state of mind, a way of being. With knowledge of different methodologies, we keep only the best to animate our team and deliver efficiently.

Key figures

year of creation
networked experts
of the workforce (2022)
country of collaboration
active clients
impact projects delivered
growth (2022)